General conditions

General Conditions Dufeau Watch Company
Dufeau Watch Company grant it´s services to you are subject to the following conditions. If you visit us or within this Internet site shop, you agree with these conditions. Please read these carefully.


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General sale - and supply conditions Dufeau Watch Company.

Article 1: Relevance of the these terms

1.1 present conditions applies on all offers, tasks and agreements of Dufeau Watch Company, both to the point of the supplies of goods and/or components of it unless explicitly written differently has corresponded. Under goods in these general conditions services are tevens understood.

1.2 Refers the counterpart at closing the agreement to its own general conditions then now reject we these for then, subject to the case in which we in writing explicitly to know to give these conditions to accept.

Article 3:


3.1 Tasks are considered firstly as by Dufeau Watch Company adopted, when they have been confirmed by our in writing or when we carry out the task. The date of the affirmative is determinative.

3.2 Possible made agreements or modifications, as well as (oral) appointments and/or promise by Aramar bind our only if and as far as these have been confirmed by our in writing.

4.1 Annulment of an order is in principle not possible.

Article 5: To price
5.1 unless differently mentioned occur already the task of Dufeau Watch Company subject to modification.

5.3 In case of increase of one or more cost factors we have beenentitled raise the orderprijs accordingly, and an other one taking into account the possible to the point existing legal regulations, on the understanding that reasonably foreseeable increases in the price must be mentioned at the order affirmatives. If the increase in the price takes place within three months after closing the agreement is the counterpart competent annul the agreement, unless we are to the increase in the price obliged on the basis of legal provisions.

Article 6: Payment
6.1 unless in writing differently corresponded payment by means of discharge or overmaking serves on by Dufeau Watch Company designated ING account, put within the period as on the invoice. On our bank - or Postbank account duplicate indicated currency date is determinative and becomes therefore commented as a payment day.

Article 7: Interest and costs
7.1 if the term of payment becomes is exceeded the counterpart in staff absence and has been by right entitled as from the invoice date charge an interest of 1.5% per month to the counterpart to Dufeau Watch Company, where a part of a month for a whole month is counted.

7.2 At not, or not-swift, payment of of the other obligations of the counterpart is counterpart, outside the koopprijs and the interest, all costs, both judicial and other, that payment or has not been caused, to our chargeable. Buitengerechtelijke the incassokosten to amount to at least 15% of, including the before-mentioned interest,by the counterpart chargeable amount, with minimum of € 250.00 and is chargeable in any case in which we have insured ourselves for covering of the aid of a third. Already by integrating a third proves to be the size of and the into payment by counterpart of buitengerechtelijke the costs effectively have turned.

Article 8: Supply
8.1 given up delivery periods is only approximately given and concerns no fatal period, unless explicitly written differently has corresponded. Dufeau Watch Company are not responsible towards counterpart because of staff absence to provide at certain times. Annulment of an order is not possible also if supply does not take place within a reasonable period. Counterpart will be offered a similar product or a tegoedbon spendable at Dufeau Watch Company.  

8.2 We have been obliged the delivery period observe as much aspossible. We cannot be put however responsible for overshooting of the delivery period which was reasonably at the time of contracting the agreement. As mentioned in 8.1 an overshoot of the delivery period can never end up in annulment of the order.

8.3 If a shipment is refused or not taken away its we are obligedrecover the costs made by us on you.

When your product is not to wish you can return the goods inconsultation to our. This needs to be done within 7 days after delivery date. The product needs to be in unworn, unused, new condition. Only a tegoedbon or similar product is given. Cash refunds are never given.

Article 9: Transport and risk:

9.1 The manner of transport, sending, packing and such becomes, if no closer indication has been supplied by the counterpart to Dufeau Watch Company, stipulated by us as a good merchant, without we carry for this only liability. Possible specific wishes of the counterpart concerning transport/sending is only carried out if the counterpart has explained the superior costs of it will carry.

9.2 The transport occurs always, also if free supply has corresponded, for account and risk of counterpart, even then when the carrier stipulates that all damages of shipping for account and risk of the shipper are.

Article 11: Guarantee
11.1 unless Dufeau Watch Company themselves deliver a guarantee certificate and taking into account hereafter the put restrictions guarantees we the good functioning of by our provided goods only insofar these by its suppliers concerned c.q. manufacturers to our are guaranteed and are complied with in accordance with to those to our data guarantee are related provisions. At these we will be loved never to only other performance then the transfer our rights towards the manufacturer to the counterpart under bijlevering the concerning guarantee certificates.

11.2 The guarantee does not apply if:

- the errors the consequence is of injudicious use by counterpartand/or third parties integrated by him, normal wear or if other causes concern then ondeugdelijkheid of material or production;

- the counterpart and/or third parties on one own initiative during the guarantee period modifications, integrated by him, and/or repairings to provided has performed or has let perform;

- the counterpart not, not swift considerably meeies only obligation which from these or other agreements with us result.

11.4 Our guarantee implies that we during the guarantee period, at onzer excluding appraisal, or at our expense errors repair or the provided whole or partially take back and by new supply replace. We have been never loved to compensation costs which the original value of at and/or in the agreement in lack goods proven to be at bovengaan. If we replace to our guarantee obligation, are replaced (component of) goods our property.

Article 12: Returning your product for refund
When the buyer believes that the product he bought does not meet his requirements he has the legal right to return the product to us within seven days. After seven days this right of return for refund stops. Please note that the product must be still wrapped in plastic, scratch and ding free and the bracelet must not been shortened, the condition must be brand new. A refund is only given when above conditions are met. Please note that when we pay a refund we deduct the shipping costs from the total amount the user paid. Also note that if the product send back to us does not meet the requirements as mentioned above we deduct an additional 25% of the total amount this due to the fact the product cannot be sold as new anymore.

Article 13: Appropriate right
15.1 to all offers and agreements of Dufeau Watch Company and the implementation of it applies Dutch right.